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Knowledge, philosophy, technology, understanding...

Welcome to the newest iDexter.com section: Understanding. We are kicking off the new section with several features that previously existed elsewhere on the iDexter.com website. By collecting them in one area, we hope to inspire and contribute more information about understanding the world around us. Dexter plans to add topics and expand on subjects that are relevant and hopefully interesting.

Currently much of our time and effort is being spent on the redesign and improvement of the iDexter website itself. Once this process is complete, additions to this section will begin. In the meantime, some of the topics below may be new to visitors, and others offer a chance to revisit older ideas. We hope you enjoy them, and please contribute your thoughts and ideas to our new guestbook.

Thank you for visiting iDexter.com.

Understanding Depression Learn about the effects of depression as a clinical illness.
Shop for books on depression and mental illness.
Understanding the Millennium Learn about the calendar and when the new millennium really began.
Understanding Dexter Stories, essays, and poems illuminating Dexter's life.

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