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Sordid Produce Lust

This piece was created by Dexter using one of those "magnetic poetry" sets... the ones with hundreds or thousands of words all on little magnets that one can arrange on their fridge to create art.

At the time, Dexter had a reputation for ordering eggs over easy everyday at work for lunch. He was quite teased about it, and some still poke friendly fun at him to this day.

Upon opening and exploring his new magnetic poetry set, Dexter was surprised at the eclectic variety of words included in the set. It is this variety that makes these sets so much fun to play with. Dexter quickly discovered the word "egg" in the set (!) and along with other surprising and clever selections, within moments his first piece of magnetic poetry was born.

Many guests have come and gone from Dexter's abode since the set was unveiled, and many have created and rearranged the works there to create their own small piece of history in Dex's kitchen. However, Sordid Produce Lust will always hold a special place in Dexter's heart.

This is the first time ever that Dexter has committed this piece to permanent medium.

Sordid Produce Lust

Sordid produce lust

What mad power you incubate

You lie still beneath sausage

Recalling some sweet essential worship

Luscious delicate friend egg

© Mar 6, 2004 David W Creighton. All rights reserved.
Creation date unknown.

All pages, images and info © Copyright 1997 - 2009 David W Creighton.
All rights reserved.