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Miscellaneous Links

The links here are fun, stimulating, clever... Any sites that Dexter enjoys and recommends that aren't in a regular iDexter category.

Included links:

The Dead People Server

Settling Trivial Arguments...


The Dead People Server is a comprehensive database of celebrities, indicating whether or not they are still living. Dates and causes of death are given, links to relevant sites are included, as well as short anecdotes concerning "interesting" deaths or popular rumors of death for celebrities that are still with us.

This is the perfect reference to settle a bet or settle your mind after seeing an actor in that late late movie that you just can't remember if he is still around or not. The beauty of this site is that it is not just a list of dead people, but rather a list of all celebrities and their status. That leaves little second guessing as to whether someone is actually still alive or just wasn't important enough to make the list...

Guess the Dictator or Sit-com Character


This "Twenty Questions" style game pits you against the computer. You pretend to be a dictator or TV sitcom character. The website will ask you a series of yes or no questions, and will try to guess who you are pretending to be! Astonishingly accurate!

The Amazing "Send Me A Dollar" Website


Dexter's pick for most brazenly entrepreneurial site on the web, The Amazing "Send Me A Dollar" Website is simple and original. Just send the guy a dollar. Your buck will buy you a vote on one of his weekly web polls, or a short notice on the site's messageboard.

Randy the Sleeping Cat Webcam


The RandyCam website will put a window on your desktop that updates every 15 seconds. The webcam points at a shelf overlooking the user's window. If you are lucky you will catch a live view of his cat in her favorite spot, sleeping, grooming, or just looking out the window.

The original Randy died in 2003. The site continues tradition with his new cat, Cali.

Madmax's WTC Photos

madmax's WTC Photos

One New Yorker's account of the events of September 11, 2001. Includes some photos of the devastating aftermath of the attack, but most of these images capture the feel of the surrounding area and the outpouring of support from the community.

The House

Enter at your own risk...


The ultimate "Click-and-Tell," this series of photos documents the state of Dexter's childhood home. Enter The House at your own risk.

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All rights reserved.