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About Dexter

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And just who the hell is Dexter?

Dexter is David W Creighton.

After completing 3 years towards a degree in Electrical Engineering at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a carefully plotted series of unexpected occurrences led Dexter into the field of Graphic Arts. He recently left his position as manager of the electronic prepress department of a small prepress house, after having worked there for 7 years. Employed as an industrial artist, prepress specialist, and Mac expert at a specialty label supplier in his home state of New Jersey, Dexter generally spends his workday installing, operating and maintaining Macintosh computers, creating original artwork from customer supplied CAD specifications, and putting much of his problem-solving training to use producing color separated film, suitable for silk screen or offset printing, from computer files supplied by customers and designers. He also maintains a secure web database of current and past stock for the use and benefit of several of the business' customers. The shop is ISO certified for quality control and for environmental protection and betterment and specializes in creating parts and labels for many high technology electronic component developers across the country and around the world. In 2002 he also became the organization's bookkeeper, ISO compliance manager, and a vice president of the company.

Currently Dexter is on leave from work while battling several serious illnesses, including rheumatoid arthritis and a severe bout of clinical depression. The latter prompted him to write a paper to help people understand clinical depression and its effects. The paper can be found online on this website at Understanding: Clinical Depression.

At home, Dexter currently works on a 2.6GHz Pentium III IBM-compatible PC running WindowsXP Pro, a machine which he built himself to use for graphic design, experimentation, and recreation.

For a deeper look into Dexter's mind, heart and soul, visit the new Understanding Dexter section of this website.

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For the ultimate "Click-and-Tell" of Dexter's life, the series of photos at documents the state of Dexter's childhood home. Enter at your own risk.

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