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Welcome to Dexter's Click-and-Tell! Find photos of your favorite east-coast gatherings at the links below:

Dexter's current "Click and Tell" pages:

Star Wars Click-and-Tell

May 7, 2001:
Dexter's Click-and-Tell I: Scott's Message Board

May 19, 2001:
Dexter's Click-and-Tell II: FanForce Gathering, anniversary of Episode I

July 21, 2001:
Dexter's Click-and-Tell III: FanForce Gathering, Brooklyn Museum of Art

October 12, 2001:
Dexter's Click-and-Tell IV: Charity Dinner with Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett!)

November 10, 2001:
Dexter's Click-and-Tell V: Charity Dinner with Peter Mayhew and Richard LeParmentier (Chewbacca and Admiral Motti!)

Segway Click-and-Tell

June 4, 2003-Part 1:
Dexter's Click-and-Tell VI: NYC Segway Owners Gathering at Cafe Blue

June 4, 2003-Part 2:
Dexter's Click-and-Tell VI: NYC Segway Owners Gathering at Rockefeller Center for Christie's Auto Auction

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